CGEBET: Extreme Guide on Live Sabong for Casino Enthusiasts

CGEBET: Extreme Guide on Live Sabong for Casino Enthusiasts

Gambling has become an increasingly popular pastime among online players in the Philippines. With live-streaming technology making waves, the gaming industry has started offering more interactive and immersive opportunities to players. One such example is Live Sabong, which is a live-streamed version of cockfighting that gives the chance to gamers to watch the fight between two roosters and place real-money bets on them. At CGEBET online casino Philippines, you can enjoy the full suite of Live Sabong and experience this classic game in all its glory. Keep reading to learn more about this game and the steps you need to follow to start playing it.

What is Live Sabong?

Live Sabong is a real-time, interactive and immersive version of cockfighting that is broadcasted live directly from offline cockfighting arenas. It has become a popular pastime for many Filipino gamers who love to watch and bet on the roosters. The beauty of this game lies in its interactive experience and real-time betting opportunities. When you gamble on cockfighting, the results will be revealed right in front of you as you watch the fight in real-time.

The Rules of Live Sabong

Live Sabong is based on the traditional rules of cockfighting that has become very popular in the Philippines. In this game, two cocks are pitting against each other in a battle and bets are placed on a victor. The roosters are equipped with metal blades to heighten the excitement in a match. Here are the main rules that apply when playing Live Sabong on CGEBET online casino Philippines:

• The fight lasts for 12 minutes or until one of the roosters are dead
• At the end of the fight, the result of the battle is determined by who has the most points
• Points are awarded for an attack, pecking, grabbing, and so on
• If both the roosters have the same amount of points, the fight goes on for a few extra minutes
• You can place your bets on the outcome of the match before it starts

Live Sabong on CGEBET Online Casino Philippines

At CGEBET, you can enjoy Live Sabong with real-time streaming and betting opportunities. Here’s a step-by-step process on how to get started with live cockfighting on this online casino:

Step 1: Register as a player
The first step is to register as a user on CGEBET. You need to provide certain details like name, address, email, and contact details to create an account. You must also accepted the terms and conditions of the online casino before you can proceed.

Step 2: Make a deposit
Once your account is created, you can make a deposit and fund your account by using any of the options available on this online casino. This can be done through debit cards, credit cards, cryptocurrency, or any other available method.

Step 3: Place your bets
Once you’re all set, you can place your bets on the different roosters. You can choose the amount of money that you’d like to bet on each one.

Step 4: Watch the match
You can now watch the match live and enjoy the thrilling battle of the roosters. As the match continues, you can cheer for your selected rooster and feel the excitement as the showdown continues.

Step 5: Collect winnings
At the end of the match, the result of the battle is revealed. If your chosen rooster wins, you will earn a certain amount based on the odds and the amount of money you had bet. You can now collect your winnings and enjoy the victory.


Live Sabong is a thrilling and exciting game that can provide gamers with a memorable and immersive experience. With CGEBET online casino Philippines, you can take part in this game from the comfort of your own home and get the full suite of benefits provided with Live Sabong. Follow the steps we mentioned in this guide and you’ll be ready to start enjoying this game in no time. Good luck!