Game Of Kessen – Regain your Wisdom Of Real-Time Strategy

Game Of Kessen – Regain your Wisdom Of Real-Time Strategy

Unleash The Real-Time Strategy Of Kessen Kessen is a real-time strategy game with a heavy focus on developing characters and tactics. You take control of a feudal lord in the 16th century, trying to bring together Japan through diplomacy, conquest, or a combination of the two. Kessen brings the epic history of Japan to life, immersing you in a full 3D world of breathtaking sunsets and dramatic battles. As you march from victorious battleground to battlefield, you'llfeel the excitement and tension of each clash as you build an army and test your tactical mettle. With CGE Bet, you can rekindle your love for real-time strategy by playing Kessen online. Enjoy the same epic game of strategy, without the need for a console.

Adventures Through Incredible Feudal Japan

Embrace the historic world of Kessen and enter a realm of memorable adventures and incredible strategy. Whether playing solo against the AI or against other players, you can explore a time before gunpowder and muskets, when the power of a samurai was determined by his strength of character and wisdom. Your every decision will be pivotal in the battle for dominance in an ever-changing political landscape. With the right strategy, you'll be able to gain control of the provinces, marshal an army, topple other lords and unify the country of Japan.

Choose Your Approach To Strategy

Kessen comes with a variety of ways to play. Choose your own tactic to conquer, whether it be by diplomacy, through standard engagements, or the strategic placement of troops. Every situation requires a different approach, allowing you to flexibly adapt your strategies and maintain the momentum required for success. With the perfect combination of cunning and courage, you can maintain your rule and build a lasting legacy.

Witness The Epic Battles That Unfold

One of the most thrilling aspects of Kessen is the real-time battles. When two armies meet, you'll be able to witness the chaos of warfare, from the clash of swords to the gallop of horses. In-depth tactics and strategies become essential in order to maintain victory and gain control of the provinces. With a combination of cavalry, ranged, and infantry units, you'll create massive formations and plan your battle strategy accordingly.

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Command Your Army To Victory

Kessen is an amazing game, a unique take on the real-time strategy game formula. Choose your approach and battle your way to victory by controlling vast armies and unifying the country of Japan. And with CGE Bet, you can join up with your forces from the comfort of your PC and reclaim the wisdom of real-time strategy games. Ready your troops and get back into the battle of Kessen!