Know The Top 7 Expert Tips for Live Sabong Betting in 2023

Know The Top 7 Expert Tips for Live Sabong Betting in 2023

Live Sabong betting has become increasingly popular in the Philippines and around the world, with more and more people eager to try their luck and skills at this popular game. To help you boost your chances of success, we asked experienced Live Sabong bettors to share their top tips and techniques. So, read on as we bring you our Top 7 Expert Tips for Live Sabong Betting in 2023!

1. Analyze the Opponents

One of the best strategies for success when you’re betting on Live Sabong is to analyze your opponents. Before you place a bet, make sure to observe your opponents’ betting styles and strategies, particularly their risk appetite. By doing so, you can better understand how they may react or respond in different scenarios, giving you a better idea of how you can outplay them. Here at CGEBET PH.

2. Know Your Limits

It’s essential that you stick to your limits and only bet an amount that won't leave you feeling regretful. Gambling should be for fun and it’s important to remember that nobody can win all the time. Be sure to set a budget for your Live Sabong betting and stick to it by placing smaller, more manageable bets.

3. Manage Your Bankroll

Successful Live Sabong bettors know the importance of bankroll management. This is the process of tracking the amount of money you’ve won or lost and setting aside a certain percentage of your winnings in order to continue playing without having to add more money. Proper management of your bankroll will give you better control over your gambling habits, leading to more sustainable wins in the long run.

4. Make Use of Bonuses

Another great way to boost your chances of success is to take advantage of the bonuses and promotions that CGEBET has to offer. This leading online casino in the Philippines provides its customers with generous welcome bonuses, giving them a nice boost and allowing them to gain an edge over the competition.

5. Try Automation

For those looking to maximize their chances of success, automation is the way to go. Using software, you can easily access a wide range of analysis and statistics, as well as automated betting strategies, to help you make more informed decisions. This will allow you to play faster and more efficiently, ultimately resulting in higher win rates.

6. Analyze Form

To get an edge over your opponents, it’s essential to analyze form. Calculate the performance of each rooster and determine which ones appear to be in better shape for the upcoming fights. This will give you a better understanding of which particular bets are more likely to pay off.

7. Take Breaks

Lastly, it’s important to take breaks and stick to a schedule. Gambling can be highly addictive, so make sure to get up and take a break every once in a while. This will help you come back to the table refreshed and ready to take on the competition.


Live Sabong betting can be a great way to make some extra money if done carefully. Following our top 7 expert tips can help improve your odds and maximize your chances of success. So, put the advice to the test and see if you can hit the jackpot with Live Sabong betting in 2023! Here at CGEBET PH.