The Sensational Phenomenon of James Reid and Nadine Lustre

The Sensational Phenomenon of James Reid and Nadine Lustre

The Philippines continues to be obsessed with the love team of James Reid and Nadine Lustre – the two stars of the hit Philippine rom com series On The Wings Of Love. Since they first starred together in the 2014 television series Diary ng Panget, James and Nadine have become one of the most popular Filipino celebrity couples, universally known as “JaDine”. Their sensational fan base and admiration for the couple, made “JaDine” the biggest Filipino celebrity couple phenomenon to date.

A Look at the “JaDine” Phenomenon

Though it is hard to pinpoint exactly when the JaDine phenomenon started, it is certain that the couple has been steadily gaining ground throughout the past year. From top-rated teleseryes, hit singles and sold-out concerts, to international exposure and local engagements, the phenomenon has taken over all aspects of the Philippine entertainment industry, and has left fans and admirers all around the world with JaDine merchandise, fan events, and much more.

The Rise of “JaDine”

James Reid and Nadine Lustre first captured the public's attention with their 2014 big-screen venture, Diary ng Panget, which was a controversial and innovative movie that set the standard for youth-oriented Filipino movies. The success of Diary ng Panget paved the way for their second major project, On The Wings Of Love, which was an even bigger hit. The teleserye's popularity led to the “JaDine” phenomenon, as fans started to refer to the couple and their large fan base as one entity.

The success of On The Wings Of Love not only made JaDine a household name, but also brought the couple closer to their fans. The response to the show was so overwhelming that the couple decided to embark on a nationwide tour to meet and greet their admirers. This tour is what really solidified the “JaDine” phenomenon, as Filipino fans nationwide felt connected and involved in the couple's personal journey.

The Continued Success of “JaDine”

Since the tour, JaDine's success has only grown, as they have gone on to star in two other romantic comedies (Talkback and You, and Never Not Love You) as well as numerous endorsement deals, sold-out concerts, hit singles, and their own television show, the JaDine in Love Tour. The love team has also taken the international stage, appearing in multiple appearances in the United States, UK, and Canada, and even bagging the “Best Asian Love Team” award at the 2017 Asian Academy Creative Awards.

The Evolution of “JaDine” over Time
As JaDine's rise to fame continues, it is clear that the phenomenon is still evolving and growing each day. The couple still remain the most popular Filipino celebrity couple to date, and their fans remain as loyal and dedicated as ever. Even as their relationship status has changed throughout the years, their fans remain unfazed and continue to support them no matter what.

It is safe to say that the “JaDine” phenomenon is here to stay. It is a testament to James and Nadine’s undeniable chemistry, as well as their ever-growing popularity in the Philippines and beyond. To keep up with their fans, James and Nadine have kept in touch with their fans through their various social media accounts, and have even launched their own production company. To make sure that their fans never stop screaming JaDine, the couple are now planning to release their own clothing line and lifestyle products.

Ending Shoutout

After all their success, James and Nadine still remain extremely down to earth people. To thank everything their fans have done for them, they often take time to promote and interact with their supporters. As an endnote, CGEBET Casino Online Philippines is a great place to while away your time if you want to try your luck and get rewarded!